Friends & Family Test

In common with all GP's across the country, from Monday December 1st, our 

patients will be able to complete the NHS Friends and Family test whenever they use the services that we provide here at the surgery. (Read more about the Friends and Family test).

Essentially, this asks whether a patient would recommend our practice to a friend or family member if they required similar care. The responses collected in a given period are aggregated and turned into a percentage score. We will publish the results on our website and surgery notice boards (from February 2015 onwards) and the results are also submitted to NHS England who will publish them on NHS Choices.

The NHS Friends and Family test has been in use in some areas of hospitals such as  A&E departments since 2013.

All GP practices have to ask this question in exactly the same way and offer the same six responses (extremely likely, likely, neither likely nor unlikely, unlikely, extremely unlikely or dont know)

The patient will also be able to complete a further question with a free text answer. Practices are free to choose what question they ask but it must have a free-text response. We have chosen to ask the question ' What single thing, if done differently could have improved your experience?

Whenever you visit the practice, call us on the telephone or use our on-line services you can complete our Friends and Family test survey.

The survey can be completed on a paper form in the practice (large print versions are available on request) and posted in the box by Reception.

Or it can be done on line by following this link by filling out, printing out and returning to the practice or saving as an attachment to an email to:


Friends & Family Test Results


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