is the quickest and easiest way to get advice and treatment from a health professional for a wide range of everyday illnesses and ailments – without even setting foot in your doctor’s surgery. 

So, if you have a common or minor health problem, Care at the Chemist is for you. You don’t need an appointment and you’ll find a chemist close to home, with many open early until late. 

Medicines are free for anyone who does not pay for their prescriptions – all you need is proof of exemption. 

Those who do pay will be charged the current prescription charge. If the medicine costs less to buy over the counter than the prescription charge, you will pay the lower rate. For more information, simply pop into your one of the pharmacies listed below and ask about joining Care at the Chemist.


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Surgeries are under pressure with increased demand for appointments and more work being moved from hospitals to GPs.

We look at some examples of unrealistic patient expectations and suggest what is achievable…..





I have run out of my repeat medication—the surgery will be able to get my prescription done today.


48hrs (2 working days) needs to be allowed between putting in a request and expecting the prescription. This is for patients’ own

safety as clinical medication reviews are necessary at the time of issuing.


No matter what the medical problem is, surely its better to see the GP as soon as possible

Most coughs last up to 3 weeks and need no treatment from the GP. For most sore throats, they can last up to 10 days. Sinus infections up to 18 days.


It is ‘better’ to see the GP for all problems Chemists are better for problems like cough/sore throat/diarrhoea/thrush/mouth ulcers etc.

Please see care at the chemist details on the next page of this



I have a list of problems and plan to mention them all to the GP, at the appointment

10 minutes is all there is in the consultation—realistically only enough for 1 problem. Please bare with us if we are not running to time.


The GP will be able to ring me today about a certain issue

GPs are under unbelievable pressure, and no longer have the time to make the phone calls they would like to. For all queries a

Message can be given to the GP through the receptionist who will also respond to your query in a timely manner.


My child isn't well and I can’t get to the surgery—can the GP call out?


House calls are for those who are truly housebound. We can see 3-4 patients in surgery in the time it takes to do 1 house call


I can get a GP appointment at short notice, whenever I want for anything.


Emergency appointments are available for severe, serious and recent onset conditions/exacerbations only.