28th Jan 2021

Update on using 119 to book into an NHS vaccination Centre.

If you are 70 or over or are officially recorded as clinically extremely vulnerable ( ie you get a letter from the govt when the lockdown rules change) then you can use the 119 service to book an appointment at one of the growing number of NHS vaccination centres. You don't need to wait to get a letter.
One of these centres is in Ainsdale now. Its listed on 119 as Asha Eve and is located behind the Hirshmans pharmacy.
Important : You should use the on-line system if you possibly can to save the 119 operators' time for those who aren’t able to use digital services. If you google 'covid vaccination' you will find the link to the site easily.
You don’t need your NHS number to do this. You can book ( if you are eligible) with your date of birth and the postcode of your home address.
This applies to all people in Southport and Formby.  The NHS centres are open to everyone.
We estimate that the new  NHS centres will have broadly the same capacity as the existing GP-led centres at Hoghton Street and Sandbrook Road so it will make a significant difference to the speed of the local programme.
New centres are being added to the 119 directory on a regular basis.
There is one significant difference between the NHS Centres and the GP led centres.  The NHS Centres will always book your second appointment when you book your first  and your GP will never book your second appointment at the time you are booking the first. We will contact our patients nearer the time that your second appointment is due. There are pros and cons of both systems and neither is likely to change in the near future.